Top 10 iPhone road trip apps

As you know if you read our blog throughout our trip, Kurt and I are highly dependent on our iPhones, and we used various iPhone apps throughout our trip to help make things go smoothly. From navigation and booking hotels to music and finding restaurants, our iPhones were invaluable during our 6 weeks on the road. Here’s a list of some of the apps that were most useful to us during our journey:

1. Pandora Radio — so much better than the radio (minimal commercials and no need to constantly switch stations as you move from town to town), and it often manages to keep working even when your data signal and/or phone signal are weak-to-nonexistent.

2. Personal Finance — a great way to stay on top of your finances while on the road, with the ability to check all your accounts in one place (*does require some set-up before you go if you don’t already use Mint).

3. The Weather Channel — as long as you have a good data signal (3G or strong Edge), a great way to track storms where you are and where you’re going.

4. Flashlight — when camping, the flashlight app was almost as strong as our heavy-duty flashlight, especially on a new iPhone with the LED flash.

5. Yelp — a helpful tool for finding attractions, hotels, and restaurants with reviews, addresses and maps.

6. KAYAK — for the most part, a good resource for finding hotels (once in a while it wasn’t accurate re: availability, but generally it pointed us in the right direction).

7. Priceline Negotiator — often unhelpful, but it snagged us a room at a Hilton in Omaha for super cheap, so that one success made it worth our while.

8. OpenTable — especially after some time zone kinks got worked out on the newest version, a great way to make reservations on the fly and rack up dining points (we earned a pretty nice gift certificate just by using it during our trip).

9. Maps (standard on the iPhones) — much easier to use than MapQuest; just be sure to map your routes or focus in on your location each time you get 3G so that it will retain the map info even if you move into a bad/no service area.

10. AAA — provides lists of businesses that offer discounts to members, including hotels, museums, restaurants, and other attractions.

Kurt and I use some of these apps in our everyday life as well, and I’m sure there are other travel apps that would be helpful to road trippers too. All of these apps are available on iTunes in the App Store.

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